While I am very fond of the good old joysticks like the TAC-2 and Competition Pro, they do have one drawback - a cable. Sometimes I’d just want to sit down on my couch and play some Amiga games on actual oldskool hardware without having to untangle some extra-long cables and replug everything just to get the computer to sit on my coffee table. Trip up on those cables on your way to the fridge and the Amiga goes flying on the floor.

Modern game consoles these days use wireless gamepads with a fantastically long battery life and range, but usually require either Bluetooth or some proprietary hardware to use them on a computer. Adding a full Bluetooth stack into AmigaOS 3.x doesn’t sound like a very appetising idea for a fun project, nor would it be much use on most games anyway. However - what if we used some additional hardware that already has all that, is fairly cheap and hacker friendly - the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi!